“Leah’s natural beauty and spirit can convince both men and women to follow her anywhere. Where are we going? The borders of Mexico? Done! Who cares that there’s an 80% chance I’ll end up in a barrel.”

-Kelly Anderson, Only Freshness (on Leah Briese in Mari Celeste)

Eat Spirit Eat


Leah Briese, a Los Angeles native and New Orleans Creole girl at heart, is the youngest of four siblings raised by single mom, Phyllis McGinnis. She had her first taste of acting while enrolled in a drama class her senior year, at William Howard Taft High School in Woodland Hills, California.

Briese began her acting career at 18 years old, starring in Fred Williamson’s (Starsky & Hutch) Lexie (If Love Hadn’t Left Me Lonely), along side Cindy Herron (En Vogue), Ice-T, and Gary Busey. Briese considers herself an actor’s actor, with a BA in Theater and over 10 years of consistent study.

In 2012 Briese starred in the film festival favorite Eat Spirit Eat, which won best ensemble at the Orlando Film Festival and Artisan Festival International World Cinema Festival Hamptons film festival, along-side her dear friends Adriana Mather (Honey Glue), Kristin Minter (ER), and her acting teacher, Clayton Rohner (Just One of the Guys). In 2013, she produced and starred in Mari Celeste, along side Gale Harold (Queer as Folk).

Mari Celeste


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Mari Celeste


Decision Lead Independent – John Lafia
Edge Of Incursion Lead Sharik Prod. – Ron Robinson
Mari Celeste Lead Lullaby Productions – Jessie Hill
Eat Spirit Eat Lead Zombot Pictures – James Bird
Capitol Hill Drama Lead Independent – Jesse Knapp
Jessi And Jesse Lead Independent – Dave Gielicz
Bomb The World Lead Independent – Adam Key
David And Goliath Lead Independent – Daniel Fitzsimmon
First To Die Lead Independent – Elaine Tse
Lexie Lead Pittmobile Ent. – Fred Williamsonn
Deadly Rhapsody Supporting Pittmobile Ent. – Don Abernathy
Time Machine Supporting Warner Bros. – Simon Wells
Sketch Comedy Cast Member Straight Jackets Society
Mamet Women Sally The Barn Acting Studio
Brilliant Traces Rosannah Deluca The Barn Acting Studio
Savage in Limbo Linda Rotunda The Barn Acting Studio
Danny and the Deep Blue Sea Roberta The Barn Acting Studio
As You Like It Rosalinda Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum
Catholic School Drop Out Number 4 – Lead Vocals Whitmore Lindley Theatre
Once In A Life Time Ms. Leighton – Lead Vocals CSUCI
Mid Summer Night’s Dream Puck CSUCI
Club Sweet Lorraine’s Billie Holliday, Betty – Vocals Playhouse Theatre Players
Meisner Technique Brian Lally Studio 4 – James Francos Acting
The London Method Clayton Rohner The Barn Acting Studio
BA in the Performing Arts with an Emphasis in Theater   CSUCI
Scene Study Adam Collis, Clayton Rohner The Director’s Perspective
Committed Impulse Josh Pais Committed Impulse
Acting for Stage Dr. Catherine Scott Burris, Dr. Luda Popenhagen CSUCI
Voice (Alto) Dr. Kuanfen Liu, Alex Lee CSUCI
Sketch Comedy | Improv Maggie Magee The Groundlings
Shakespeare Susan Angelo, Ellen Geer Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum
Cold Reading Jason La Padura, Marnie Siatta The Network Studio
Singing (Alto), Running (Cross Country & Track and Field) Soccer (Advanced), Motorcycle Driving (Beginner), Dancing (Salsa, Waltz, Hip-Hop, Freestyle, Club), Bilingual: Spanish (Intermediate) and English, and Dialects: British, American (Standard, Southern, New York City)


Edge Of Incursion


Terrie Marroquin
(818) 508-6640

10153 Riverside Drive, Suite 566
Toluca Lake, CA 91602

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